We live in a world where our lives are unavoidably governed by laws. There are so many laws of so many different kinds that it is humanly impossible for a person to keep track of all of them. Consequently, there are times when we unwittingly make mistakes. In such times you need the services of a criminal lawyer to keep you out of prison. Although it is the job of a lawyer to fight for your rights, his/her work is made easier and more effective if you cooperate. You need to do more than write checks to win a case; you need to work with your lawyer. In this post you will read about two ways to help your lawyer win your case:

Be honest and provide evidence
No compromises here. Tell your lawyer all that you know truthfully. Do not cut information. Do not tell half-truths. Do not exaggerate. Do not present false information. Tell your lawyer all the facts that are relevant to your case and provide with all the evidence you have. It will then be his job to find legal remedies to your situation. If you honestly disclose everything you know about the case and do not hide evidence, it will go a long way to prepare an effective defense for you. A lie, even the most innocuous one, can leave a deadly caveat open through which you can fall into an unavoidable legal trap.

Spend time with your lawyer
You cannot be honest with someone you cannot trust. You will be wary to share evidence with the first lawyer to answer your call or email. You will be inclined to talk honestly only when you are assured you can trust your defense attorney. One way to develop trust is to spend quality time with your lawyer. A large majority of cases fail to win because clients and lawyers do not spend required quality time together to go through all the intricacies of case. At our firm in Michigan, our criminal attorneys make a point to spend time with their clients.

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