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Affordable & Aggressive Michigan Lawyers – Divorce, Police, Auto

Affordable and Aggressive Michigan Lawyers – Going To Battle For Your Rights – Divorce, Police, Auto, Insurance, Criminal & Employment

Are you in need of experienced, affordable and aggressive Michigan Lawyer? Contact the attorneys at The Cromer Law Group, PLLC – (248) 809-6790 or visit: www.thecromerlawgroup.com and arrange to speak with a lawyer regarding your Divorce, Child Support, Police Misconduct, Brutality, or Excessive Force, Auto, Car or Truck Accident, Insurance, Small Business or Civil Rights legal matter.

The lawyers at The Cromer Law Group PLLC, strive to deliver exceptional professional legal services and at affordable costs that won’t break-your-bank or force you to file for bankruptcy just to preserve your legal interests. Don’t assume that because you are confronted with a lawsuit or other legal issue that may destroy you personally or seek to harm your small business interests — that all is lost. Selecting an attorney experienced in your desired area of law can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a personal reference for a good lawyer.

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Your employment/harassment, police brutality/assault, divorce/child support, personal injury (auto accident), criminal (state or federal) or small business emergency or contractual dispute and other legal matters are very important and you deserve an attorney you can trust will work hard to protect those precious rights. The Call is Free. The Advice is Free. Give one of our attorneys a call to discuss in confidence your case and get answers NOW: (248) 809-6790 (office); or (313) 213-5875 (24 – hours a day) or you may visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/thecromerlawgroup

The Cromer Law Group, PLLC is a full service law firm located in metro Detroit, proudly servicing all of southeastern Michigan. The attorneys at our firm are dedicated to providing all of our clients with the professional legal advice they need and deserve. Because our lawyers were raised in this majority african-american community, we are very passionate about ensuring that justice and equal access to the legal system is obtainable to all..

The Cromer Law Group, PLLC represent clients of diverse sizes and needs including individuals, small businesses and closely held corporations, professional corporations, governmental entities, political officials and celebrities. For a complete list our Michigan practice areas and more details regarding the attorneys at our firm, please click on the links above.  

For a FREE initial consultation, call The Cromer Law Group (248) 809-6790 or visit: www.thecromerlawgroup.com to explore your legal options.