A divorce can be an emotional and financially straining experience. It can also wind up being long, and costly if you don’t engage the services of a good divorce attorney. Today, the state of Michigan has countless number of divorce lawyers. However, one truth holds: not all divorce lawyers are created equal. Therefore, when hiring an attorney to help handle your divorce case, it is important that you keep in mind certain points, chief among them being the duration the particular lawyer has been in practice as well as the outcome of the cases they have handled.

Every divorce case is unique. As such, it helps jotting down a list of questions as well as concerns that you may want to raise concerning your case. The issues can range from subject matter relating to child custody and support to testimonial as well as post separation support to domestic and post nuptial agreement disputes.

When hiring a divorce lawyer, it is important that you get an attorney whom you are comfortable working with. Find out how much you will need to pay for initial consultation as well as the kind of documents the lawyer will need from you. You need a lawyer who is sensitive to your needs. Find out if the lawyer operates from their home, from a stand alone office or from a large law firm.

In some cases, you may have a friend or family who knows a great lawyer from a different state. However, it is important to note that the rules governing divorce proceedings vary from state to state. As such, the motions for filing for divorce Michigan are different from what you might come across when filing for divorce in New Jersey. It is therefore important that you find a divorce lawyer who understands the regulations governing divorce proceedings in the state of Michigan when hiring a Michigan divorce lawyer. In addition, the lawyer should have the right licenses and documentation to practice in the state.

If children are involved in your divorce case, then you may want to find a divorce lawyer who specializes in areas of child custody law as well as child support cases since they have experience and networks that can provide help to you and the children.

Finally, you want to know the cost of representation before hiring the lawyer. Ideally, you want a Michigan divorce lawyer whose services are affordable. However, do not settle on a lawyer just because they are the cheapest attorney in town. The last thing you want is an incompetent lawyer handling a high stake divorce case.