Child custody is a delicate subject. Irrespective of what a judge decides, a court battle takes a huge personal toll on a family. Court cases are time consuming, complicated, and costly. The best case scenario is when parents decide the issue of the custody of the child between themselves. Unfortunately parents who have found their marriage unworkable often fail to come to an agreement on this crucial issue.

This brings us into the maze of the unfathomable legal system, from which you will require an expert to navigate you through. It underlines the importance of choosing the right lawyer. In this post you will read about four things that you should consider before taking out a leaf from your check book.

(1) Expertise
Is your lawyer an expert in the family and child custody law? Law is a huge field. A lawyer who can save a suspect from a lethal injection may not be equipped with the knowledge to give you the custody of your child. Make sure the expertise of your lawyer is in family law, particularly child custody.

(2) Experience
Is your lawyer experienced? A veteran lawyer is preferable to the one with only a couple of years experience under his belt.

(3) Cost
If you make a list of child custody lawyers that have a plenty of experience and expertise in family law, you will end up with many that charge exorbitantly high fees. Unless you are a person with deep pockets, you will have to strike out the names of all but only the most affordable child custody lawyers.

(4) Comfort
Is your lawyer credible? Do you feel comfortable talking to them? If you cannot talk, trust them or comfortably talk to them, it is perhaps better to find another lawyer that understands you and your situation.

This four-point checklist will help you make an educated decision about your child custody lawyer.