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Michigan Police Brutality Lawyer: Have you, a family member or close friend ever been subjected to such a police misconduct or police brutality, illegal arrest or false imprisonment? Excessive force claims are difficult to pursue and maintain even when evidence of police wrongdoing is glaring. However, judges, prosecutors and even juries tend to believe police officers over people facing criminal charges, simply ignoring the fact that rogue cops often file false police reports to cover-up their lies and illegal acts (e.g., illegal search & seizure, planting evidence, false arrest). If you have ever had the unfortunate opportunity of encountering an overly aggressive and physically abusive police officer — we can help. The aggressive Michigan police brutality and police misconduct lawyers at The Cromer Law Group PLLC will vigorously investigate your claim and demand the government produce all relevant evidence and witnesses. See the testimonials from satisfied clients below.

Check out this video of this police officer trampling over the civil rights of an innocent woman:

Michigan Police Misconduct: All of our police brutality cases are handled by Ronnie E. Cromer, Jr. Attorney Cromer’s experience as an aggressive civil and criminal defense lawyer, gives him an advantage over many lawyers, who may simply over look constitutional violations. Also, in order for a lawyer to aggressively represent the victim of police misconduct, he/she must be able to understand and relate to the client, because there will be significant pressure from the vast and unlimited resources of the government to convince the world that YOU ARE A LIAR and the COP IS A SAINT. The attorneys at The Cromer Law Group PLLC, are from the community we proudly represent, providing us with the requisite passion and commitment to persuade a judge and jury in your favor.

Attorney Ronnie E. Cromer, Jr., in September 2012, won a $1.2 million dollar verdict against a local municipality for violating the civil rights of a 14-year old boy. The police, knowing that the boy couldn’t read or write, coerced the boy into signing a confession to a murder that he didn’t commit. The police gave the boy a blank confession form and told him to initial and sign it. The police held the boy for over 12-hours and only obtained the fabricated confession after throwing his mother out of the interrogation room. After removing the meddling mom, a police officer then filled in the blank confession form with the boy’s signature/initials already attached. The statement had the boy admitting that he was the murderer. The boy spent 631-days in jail, went through two murder trials and was finally acquitted — only after suffering extensive emotional distress and brutal assaults while wrongfully incarcerated.

The aggressive attorneys at The Cromer Law Group, PLLC, have the skill, experience and interest to pursue cases involving all civil rights violations. Our success in cases against police officers in Detroit, Warren, Southfield, Dearborn, Eastpointe, Ferndale, Westland, Wayne County, Oakland County, Jackson County, Ingham County, Macomb County, St. Clair County and the United States Government, demonstrates our ability to effectively represent clients that have suffered physical and emotional injuries as a result of police brutality.



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