There could not be more distant subjects than divorce and drunk driving. You may ask: “What is the purpose of discussing them both in a single post?” The answer lies in frequency. They are two frequent case types we receive from our clients. In this short post you will learn why you need to consult a lawyer during divorce or after receiving a ticket for drunk driving, and how we can help you.


We leave it upon you to decide if a divorce marks an ending, or a new beginning. At Cromer Law, our divorce attorneys help Michigan couples to begin a new life without worrying about the complications that can arise from divorce.

If you are worried about your name change after divorce, your property, your money in 401(k), the custody of your children, your legal rights and responsibilities; we can help you. We have an extensive experience in legal separation cases.

Drunk driving

An arrest for drunk driving is no laughing matter. It can do an irreparable damage to your life. You may have to pay a heavy fine, you can lose your driver’s license, you can lose your job, and you can be put behind bars on criminal charges. Our commitment is to present a strong, assertive, and aggressive defense for you to obtain a positive result.

If you are looking for an expert drunk driving lawyer in Michigan, look no further than Cromer Law. If your driver’s license has been revoked, we can keep you on road through a temporary driver’s permit. We can also help you in situations where you have been indicted in multiple convictions.

The Cromer Law Group is a leading law firm in the state of Michigan. Our aggressive team of lawyers fights for you and settles your case on your terms. Check out our website to learn more about us.